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Why RoboTrader?
It has advantages far beyond the feasibility of human traders.
•  Need not be in front of your Terminal.
•  Multiple stocks & other instruments
•  Trading Speed - executes multiple orders within micro second.
•  It can trade multiple exchanges for arbitrage purposes.
•  You can have NSE EQ, NSE FO & MCX in your portfolio & the list goes on...

Technical Education Member

How Robo Trader works ?
RoboTrader places orders in your terminal based on the BUY / SELL signals generated by Meta Trader 4 using preset algorithms. RoboTrader can place Multiple orders in multiple exchanges as and when the BUY / SELL signals are generated.
Easy to use Options Panel
You can customize your portfolio based on your margin & exposure available . You can have MCX, NSE EQ & NSE FO in your portfolio. Switch between Semi Automatic, Active mode., You can STOP RoboTrader at any time.
Advantages of RoboTrader
• Supports any Trading Terminal ODIN DIET / NEST  • Eliminate Errors, Wrong Trades & Missed Opportunities  • Automatically responds to sudden market moves  • View Real Time P&L & Positions  • Break the Psychological barrier  • Trade without Greed & Fear
Report & Trading Archives
Analyse your trading and the live P&L of your open position. Order & Trade details are saved and archived for your future Analysis and Reference. » » User can choose the additional parameters like profit booking at 1st target & 2nd target, Semi Auto mode etc.